Baby's Shelled Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Baby’s Shelled Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Baby’s Shelled Dress Free Crochet Pattern by Sweet Nothings Blog. Stunning free crochet baby dress pattern you will love making for all the cute little baby girl’s in your life!

Make this baby’s shelled dress free crochet pattern for babies ages 0 months to 6 months, this pattern not only produces a wonderful baby garment, it also provides a great challenge to enhance crochet skills. A very pretty textured crochet baby dress that featured primarily a shell stitch combined with a v-stitch and a shell border. You can make it in a strip two toned color scheme, add more color stripes or even create this is just one color.

Materials used: 3-ply acrylic with a 4 mm crochet hook
Size Made: 0-6 months
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced Level Crochet Skills

“This cute dress has been made from neck down. In the original pattern, the designer has started with plain chains. However, I prefer the foundation chain start as it lends a softer and better finish to “little” clothing, so have changed the pattern a little. Original charts have been used here, so if you prefer the chain start, do follow chart.”

Baby's Shelled Dress Free Crochet Pattern

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